Sophie Mars is a performance artist, dance artist, dance movement therapist and movement director. She is interested in participatory, sensory and immersive work exploring collective energy and idiosyncratic movement as new means of viewing and transforming space both physically and ontologically. Always interrogating the role of the body in today’s digital context, she uses virtual-, and augmented reality to explore physical and virtual interstices, creating uncanny, dreamlike worlds  that are both familiar and utterly surreal. All her current work and collaborations are linked to her project ‘Mindful practices for a future body – or how to reprogramme ourselves’, in which she explores and examines new ways of relating to our bodies and environment.


°the future body is a shape shifter
°the future body understands all other bodies as intrinsically linked and parts of their own
°the future body performs ultrasonic rebirth rituals
°the future body transcends
°the future body is an extended body
°the future body transforms
°the future body understands its own agency
°the future body is intuitive
°the future body is resilient
°the future body can heal itself
°the future body is made of light


Ainalaiyn Art Space, July, 2022:



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